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Trafag Italia is the Italian branch of Trafag AG based in Switzerland, specialized for more than half a century in the production of pressure sensors, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, thermostats, gas density control, indicators.

With the Trafag Industrial Components logo, the range of products is extended to include pressure gauges and thermometers, temperature probes, level sensors: complementary to the original Trafag products and selected from highly qualified partners, they allow us to offer customers a portfolio capable of satisfying any need .

It is the official partner of DINEL, a company from the Czech Republic, offering specific solutions for level and flow measurement. It distributes ELETTA flow meters and is also an E + E dealer, specializing in humidity, air velocity, CO2.

Our main goal is to offer companies the best technical and economic solution for their projects.

Quality, safety and reliability: these are the key factors that ensure the success of the products we sell and confirm Trafag Italia as a leader in its sector. In the same way, particular attention is paid to pre and post sales customer service.

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